About Us

Welcome to our group!

Tug 2 Recovery is a community-centric organization, pioneering innovative ways to support individuals in recovery. Through our unique approach, we extend support beyond meetings and clubs, helping our members lead productive lives by actively contributing to the community. These are the rules we live by:

Mission Statement
Tug 2 Recovery is a community of like-minded individuals, who are committed to those who have lost their way due to addiction and mental health.
Vision Statement
Tug 2 Recovery’s vision is to create a network of individuals and community partners and donors with a common goal of providing services and support to individuals who find themselves without hope, and often in a homeless situation due to addiction, mental health, or unforeseeable catastrophic events.
Purpose Statement
Tug 2 Recovery’s purpose is to reach out to people who have fallen through the cracks of society, with the goal of giving them a tug in the direction of stability and purpose.
Hope Statement
Tug 2 Recovery’s hope is through love, kindness, and service, we can have a positive impact in our community. As Mother Teresa so famously said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” We hope to further her mission with a little tug to safe waters.
Gratitude Statement
All members of Tug 2 Recovery have shared experiences where others gave us support, and often that needed a tug in the right direction in hope we would grasp ahold of recovery. We are grateful for the love, kindness and support so many gave so freely through the years, and though we have often fallen and disappointed, being there for us whether directly or indirectly was instrumental in helping us get to where we are today.
With the culmination of your efforts, and the desire to be productive members of our communities, we are encouraged, excited and understand the importance of paying it forward to others in need. We move forward with appreciation for all that has been given in the past. Please know that your continued love, kindness, and support is still just as important and needed as we now support others.
As we move towards the future, any additional support given, whether through donations or volunteerism, will be magnified and returned back to the community through community outreach, community service, and in creating an atmosphere of purpose and service within our fellowship. As a result, we believe we will have a positive influence on our recovery community.

Join the Tug 2 Recovery Community

Our members actively participate in community activities, offering support, resources, and encouragement to individuals in recovery. Our goal is to inspire trust and foster positive change, helping each member embrace a productive life.

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